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Yesterday was 3G.
Today is 4G LTE.
Tommorow will be 5G.
And A.I. revolution.

High Frequencies.

5G uses ultra-high frequency and intensity than its previous cousin – the microwave frequency. Whereas 4G uses 1 – 4Ghz frequency, 5G uses 24 – 90GHz! 24GHz is equivalent to 24 billion electro magnetic waves hitting stuff on their way EVERY other second – humans inclusive. Imagine how dangerous. It gets worse with 90GHz.

The 5G Dangers Making The News!
Will it Fry Your Brain?

Millimeter waves in 5G do not travel far enough. The tech demands that mini cell stations are installed close to each other, right within communities where people live!

Problems associated with 5G:

– More cancer
– Immune system disruption
– Disruption of metabolism
– Neurological disruptions
– Danger to animals
– Danger to plants
– Increased sweating

Dangerous to small body weight, insects and kids.
5G is harmful to use due to radiation!

Are you ready for 5G?
Alamin kung paano labanan ang radiation na nakakasira ng kalusugan.

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