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Paymoko FAQ and How to Cashout

To Cashout from Paymoko

note! setup option first

After Setup, go back to tools then cashout funds

Why Paymoko

Paymoko™ is a multi-token wallet on the Waves Platform and a blockchain-based payment utility enabling consumers and merchants to send and receive Philippine currency as well as global payments quickly and cost-effectively.
Makikita mo sa Cashout options natin na maraming Banks ang nag approved sa Online transfer. Strict po ang mga Banks sa Legalities ng mag connect sa app nila. Hindi po sila magbibigay ng codes to connect kung Hindi Legal ang Company.
eWallet Functions to send and receive money online.

with OPTIONAL to buy CryptoPeso and CryptoRealm to earn from Avalon CrowdFunding and Blockchain coin value.

to Buy and Sell crypto currencies.

Crowdfunding/ income sources of paymoko