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Best 4 Passive Income Tips Online this 2021

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You have a 9 to 5 job and that is really good. Especially if you are the Head of the Family. Salary is just an Active income. Passive Income will give more Money to You and your Family.

We all know that you need more. More money that could provide not only the basic needs but also the wants of your family. Have more Freedom financially, to Enjoy time and your Life. Even you know that your Active income from your job is not enough, you are not doing anything because of FEAR and Doubt. You don’t have to resign in order to have Passive Income. Just learn here now. This is the Time to Change and Take action.

We will be talking here some ideas on how to make money online. Not online Extra income but a Passive income.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is earning money with less effort. Even you will stop working, it will automatically generate income for you. You will just work on it at first, or building it on early stages but you could relax after and it will continue to grow.

For example, if you build a building for rentals. Once it is done, you will just collect rentals from it in the future. Or if you will invest in a company with shares of stocks, you will just earn percentage monthly without effort. One of the best example here is if you join a network marketing system with monthly subscription or monthly maintenance, surely you will earn passive income.

1. Build your Own Website

The advantage of having a website is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Gaining trust is the main goal to have a customer online. And having a Website, they can access your website and avail your services or get the information they need and customers will have confidence of availing your products or services if they can see that you are a legal business owner.

A website is always open online. Customers could access it and anytime they need customer support, they could send a message through your website easily.

Your website should have FAQ and chatbots to answer queries with automated responses about products/services information, signing-up procedures etc. It should also be connected to you autoresponder for automated follow ups or emails.

2. Start a Dropshipping Store or Online Store

During this Pandemic Time, almost 90% of the population would rather order products they needed online. Mostly don’t like to go out. Staying home is safer than going out, just to buy something.

It is the best time to have your own Dropshipping or Online Store. And lots of companies are offering an affiliate system, where you could sell anything using their platform and you will earn also by just referring people into their system. Recommended a FREE TO JOIN

3. Learn Blogging

Blogging is a perfect tool on marketing online. It is a powerful tool. When done well, you can drive more traffic and more sales on your business.

It will generate passive income the moment is will be monetized. Just like youtube. Just learn and apply the proper way of blogging with Good SEO.

Having your own Website should only be the option. Why? So that there will be No Ads on your Website. Soon you could apply for monetization on it.

4. Join Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is just like selling other products and services to earn commissions. There so lots of companies who are accepting affiliates like Amazon, Clickbank etc. But these companies are purely Direct Selling.

My Recommendation is to be an Affiliate with Unique Compensation plan. A system where you could build a team of affiliates and earn a portion of their sales down to infinity. Plus a System that the team will buy something monthly like subscription or maintenance so that it will be a Passive income.

Since the most important in Online Marketing is a Website, Being an Affiliate of a Hosting and Autoresponder Company is the Best. While using your own website, you will be earning from your own Hosting and Autoresponder.

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