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Nice Places to Visit in Cebu!

Safari in Carmen, Cebu

Are you looking for Nice Places to Visit in Cebu or Visayas Region in the Philippines? This place is highly recommended!

Safari in Carmen, Cebu. Carmen, officially the Municipality of Carmen is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It is two hours drive from Cebu City proper. Safari is located around 8 kilometers from the national highway of Carmen. The place is really nice, peaceful and quiet. Entrance fee is P800 per person including kids above 3 feet tall. They will give discounts to senior citizens with ID of course (LOL) and sometimes giving FREE Entrance to people celebrating their birthdays in Safari.

There are lots of animals and unique color animals like White Tigers and White Lions. Lots of different birds, in fact they have Birds Show in the afternoon around 1:45 PM. The place is huge that is why they have shuttle cars which we can easily tour around the place.

Please watch the Videos below for better views and ideas about the place.

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