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Nice Place in Bacolod Philippines!

Would you like to travel to the Philippines?

I will give you some tips of a nice place in Bacolod City, Philippines. Bacolod is part of Negros Occidental in Visayas Region.

It is usually called the City of Smiles. As they said, people in Bacolod are always smiling. Mostly are friendly and you can feel the peaceful place of Bacolod.

I will show you 2 Videos below which was taken during the time we went to Campuestohan which is actually part of Talisay City but just next to Bacolod City. Please watch the videos below and Enjoy!!

Visit the Place. It is really nice.

The entrance is P200 per person including kids. There are nice cottages to stay in if you like with your family. I will update you more here with the prices of their rooms once I could get the cost of each room.