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NEW Pays Up Update!

It’s been 2 months that Pays Up had stopped accepting new members in fact their system was down and lots of members were crying out on their payouts and even to the extent of asking a refund.

But as a Leader, I was doing my best in communicating with the management of what was really happening or the cause of the issue. And the Management assured us that everything were in control. They just need to check something on the system and will be upgrading it too.

The management found out that there were manipulations happening inside the system of which some accounts were overpaid and some affected were underpaid. Until they need to change the ITs and some board members where kicked out.

I will not mention any names here to be safe but to be sure those people who are no longer connected now with Pays Up are the BAD people behind the manipulations.

Thanks to our New President Ms. Mary Chiles Mendoza and the new Board Members for fighting Pays Up and never let go of it. We, as members really are happy that we are back 100% now. In fact, we did our encashment last Monday until Tuesday and back to business AGAIN!

Watch below my LIVE Update!

Live Pays Up Update

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