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We kept on looking for an opportunity online for us to earn. But mostly are doubtful on joining a company. We are thinking always about scam etc. Is AIOP a SCAM?

The MONEY Is On The LIST! We always hear this especially from coaches. Why they are saying that the money is on the list? What is on the list? List is a booklet or data of prospects. It has the names and contact details of people whom you could offer your business. If you don’t have this, it will be hard for you to earn fast from a certain system.

Doing the business offline is easier. Why? We can use our family and friends. And we can use a notebook to list the names of our family and friends. But it will be hard online, why? There are more people that you don’t know who could see your advertisements online. Once they could see it and you can’t follow up, it will be useless.

How are you going to capture their information? That is the usage of webtools. You will have forms connected to your autoresponder where you can save unlimited names on it.

An Autoresponder is a tool where you can send follow up emails or information to your prospects. This is very important if you are really serious doing online business.

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A big NO! Why? Hosting and autoresponder are legal services or products online. Without hosting there are no websites. It will be hard also to capture names online without autoresponder.

The best thing is, AIOP is paying until today since February 2012. No delayed payouts. They are paying directly to your card or STP or BTC.

It is a REAL business online. It is paying. It is stable and all onliners need to have webtools.

Please watch the video below on how to EARN with AIOP

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