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How to Start Earning with Youtube?

Due to Pandemic or Covid-19 there are so many people who are trying to earn online. They are trying to Learn on how to Really make money while at home. Some are looking into creating a Channel in Youtube but they don’t know on how to start.. How to Start Earning with Youtube?

First you need to Create Gmail Account or Email Address with gmail.com

Identify din kung ano yung Active Email. To Learn on this, watch this video first.

Once you have a gmail account, automatically you have a youtube account. Go to https://www.youtube.com/ then Login using your gmail login details. Then just follow on how are you going to design your Channel.

Choose your Niche or what will be the content of your Channel or videos.

Ask yourself how are you going to help others through your channel. Example if you’re a good Cook, you can create cooking videos. If you’re good in English, you can create English tutorial videos. You can have travel videos or training videos etc.

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