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How to Earn as an Affiliate Online?

Do you want know how to earn with affiliate marketing, but you just don’t know on where to start?

Affiliate marketing is earning money while promoting products of companies that you are connected. It is possible to generate tons of profits with less effort, through a website via Google search, but as usual, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Yes, it is possible for you to earn money through affiliate marketing. Good money and even make money while you sleep.

I am going to teach you how to generate passive income with successful affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when an online retailer pays you a commission for traffic or sales generated from your referrals.

For now, you simply need to know the basics with how affiliate marketing works:

  1. You recommend a product or service to your followers through your website, blog, or email list.
  2. Your followers purchase the product or service using your affiliate link.
  3. You get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link.

To Start Affiliate Marketing, You Need 2 Things

  • Create a website or blog in your niche
  • Choose affiliate products to promote

Here is Why…

1. Create a Website or Blog for Your Niche

To make money with affiliate marketing, the first thing you need is a website.

When it comes to building your website, you have tons of options. But we highly recommend you to use AIOP Hosting and Unlimited autoresponder with WordPress design. With WordPress, anyone can quickly build a professional-looking website in minutes, even if you don’t know how to code: Reason why We HIGHLY RECOMMEND AIOP Hosting because it has Unlimited Income potential also as their affiliate. Watch video below for more info.

If you’re interested in making money with affiliate marketing, AIOP is definitely your way to go for the HOSTING and WordPress is the design for easy coding. You can check out these tutorials if you need help building your site:

Now that your website is built, you’ll need to determine which products you want to promote. That takes us to the second prerequisite for starting out with affiliate marketing.

2. Choose Affiliate Products to Promote

First you need to choose a niche, then choose an affiliate products to promote. Choose products that fit your niche and relate to your content.

One of the best ways to select your affiliate products is by joining an affiliate network. AIOP is already one of the bests product to promote since you are using it’s hosting and autoresponder.

Affiliate networks are businesses that connect merchants and affiliate marketers so both can earn more money. Affiliate marketers use affiliate networks to make better product selections to promote on their site.

There are many affiliate networks out there, but here are a few of the most popular:

One of the benefits of affiliate networks is they typically have more data on how well a product sells. You can then use that data to increase your affiliate marketing profits.

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