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How to Blog for Beginners – Easy to Follow Guide

Due to the Pandemic or Covid-19 case, businessess were closed and people were jobless. Many are trying to make money online now of which mostly don’t really know on how to do it properly. They are not able to maximize the power of internet. Why the money is on the List? How To EFFECTIVELY Generate LEADS Automatically Online?


What is a capture page and why it is important? A Capture page is use to attract visitors to check your offer. Therefore the design should be attractive and the main goal of it is to gain their trust to give their names and email ad.

Here are example of Capture pages

A Capture Page should have a FORM which is connected to your Autoresponder. It should have a FREE offer or something in exchange if they will give their details, like, Free Ebooks, Free training or Discounts.

Once they will submit the Form on your site, an automated email that will be sent to them should have the Free Offer link or details that you promised in exchange. This is How To EFFECTIVELY Generate LEADS Automatically Online?

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Why Autoresponder is Very Important?

Autoresponder is for the Email Marketing. It could save details of your prospects. The system has the ability to save Automated Emails. Setup at least 5 emails then soon you will just send Newsletters or Broadcasts to your Prospects.



Why a Sales Page is important?

Sales Pages will appear on FB New Feed. It will pop up to any FB Accounts that will match the TAGs on your Sales Page. That is why it is also a very effective tool online. You will just add the Caputer page on your Sales Page.

Watch the Video on How.