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Great Low Cost Programs with Passive Income Online

There are so many people who are looking for income online. Sad to see people kept on asking HOW on FB posts but they are just looking for Free sites of which they really don’t know that passive income usually are not Free. Now, I just want to share the 2 of the Great Low Cost Programs with Passive Income Online.

Why Online Income?

As we all know, many scams now on the internet. But there are so many opportunities also that created so many millionaires online. The reason why income online is one of the best way to make money is that, it is worldwide and we have wider scope for a business. We have billions of prospects, unlike local businesses.  Plus it is the real 24 by 7 business because while we are sleeping here, some place are awake who can see our posts online.

Why it is Hard to Start?

The reason why it is hard to start because there are so many programs that will be offered to you and you don’t know which is real and which are scams. Plus you don’t know on how to do it. And doubts for sure if that program will really pay you. That is the reason why you really need to have a Mentor before starting an online income.

What are the Things Needed?

First you need to know what are the Tools needed for you to start an online business. Like offline, You need to have a list of prospects. You need to have their contact details or else you will just be wasting your time talking to people and not doing follow ups after. You only need a pen and a notebook doing it. But with online business, it is not applicable. You need to have online Tools also in order for you to capture their names and email adds. So that you can do follow ups after they visited your site.

90% don’t really know about this. Mostly they just think of sharing the program on Facebook and chatting then after that if that person will no longer chat, it’s the end of the conversation. WRONG! You will just be wasting time sharing daily and loosing prospects.

Tools will save their information and you could send follow up emails after 3 weeks or a month or any time you want.

Now, nice tools online are really expensive but since you need it, you must have it. No worries because I have a very affordable Tool that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. It is complete with capture pages, autoresponder, tracker etc PLUS I will PAY YOUR WAY IN! Yes! As long as you are serious on Earning Online. Just send me a message here    

What are the 2 Great Low Cost Programs with Passive Income Online?

First, Success Mall

It is an Online Store where you could earn rebates and have discounts. By just buying the Gold Discount Card of Php 388, you will enjoy it. Plus you will earn Php 200 Unlimited on every referral. With additional income from the team sales.

A online store where you will enjoy rebates

Second, Paysbook

It is a social media where you could earn from posting, sharing, commenting and liking. For only Php 1,000 you could earn passive income. Maximum earning potential of Php 4,000 daily on each account, up to 15 accounts per person.

earn, income
A social media platform that you can earn daily

I will be discussing each on these programs on my next Blog.

For now, Add me on Facebook for more info..

Happy Reading!

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