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Comercex is the Future A BIG SCAM!

When I wrote this blog, Comercex was still paying members. They are doing everything they can in order to let the members feel that they are real company.

It was FREE to join but there was an option to invest to earn more. I didn’t invest because usually I will observe new sites first. I was able to smell fishy after 2 weeks of doing their tasks that they are not consistent on checking the tasks. They were trying to attract more investors until they offered double your investment upon paying. Sad that there was one who invested $50,000 and then after that they had issues on their site as if they were hacked.

Below was my OLD Post of which I could get something on it that is why I didn’t erase totally the following :

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We all know that Ecommerce now is booming and most of big businesses are into it already. Comercex is the Future! Why? Because it has complete products to offer when it comes to eCommerce Industry.

They have Affiliate Marketing which as an affiliate can promote their products and services and earns commissions when someone purchases products.

As a member, we are allowed to invest on their products and services and earns from 1% to 2.15% daily.

There are several ways to deposit and withdraw. Very convenient for all members.

What I love the most is that, they are offering bounty tasks to all its affiliates and earn from their efforts of doing it daily.

There are several ways of earning from the bounty tasks of Comercex. There are 5 different Facebook bounty tasks which an affiliate could earn daily. There is 1 youtube task, 1 blog task and 1 presentation task.

If you will just do all of these consistently, you could really make money plus you will also earn commissions once your referral will make a deposit.

Also, the tasks should be done correctly that is why I created a youtube video that could guide a newbie on how to do the tasks and how to submit a form for approval.

As you can see, they really have great system. Nice ideas of which people will really do the daily tasks. Then the business will really grow.

But sad that there are so many BAD people who are just using others in order to earn. They don’t have a heart to really help. They are just after the money which is for sure Short term income.

In order to earn long term income, it is better to grab an opportunity which is already existed for a longer time like AIOP that started since Feb 2012. And still paying until now.

I am actively helping my team. We can created passive income with AIOP. All you have to do is to decide.

Please watch the video below for my AIOP business and why it is really one of the best online opportunities that could help you if you wanted to.

But I have only in Filipino presentation LOL. Just contact me. ADD me on Facebook if you need to ask more in English.

This is in Filipino. I hope this could help you

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